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Help me diagnose this challenge

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Basically i took the guts of my old computer and put them in a Antec take 4 rackmountable case that came with a 650w powersupply(24 pin connection).

If it helps can be seen the case here:When i use it and hit power, A system board light comes on, The antec fans and the heatsink fans also switch it on. I am not hearing the cpu or harddrives begin to spin and no signal gets to my monitor.

Then, My system board is an old gygabyte GAk8u, The illustrations or photos card is a cheap womens asics shoes radeon 9100, Along with also the cpu is a AMD 3400+. The system board itself only had a 20pin powersupply connector, Because the new powersupply is a 24pin. It clicked in fine however, With another 4 extra pins just not being connected.

Since there’s nothing booting up and im not hearing the HD’s start up or seeing the bios, Im assuming i a. Damaged the cpu by some means or B. The powersupply truly is only for 24 pin capable motherboard?

I not really know hopefully you guys can help me figure it out. But that link is very beneficial, I hadent realized you could attach everything to the motherboard not in the case like that, When i get the new parts i ordered in a couple days with time test everything one by one during the install.

Quick uncertainty for you, If any on CPU pins(Say for example, 3 or 4) Are slightly bent when you add it into the socket, Does that asics noosa 9 womens keep the evolution from posting or booting up whatsoever?

While installing the heatsink i was able to bend a asics noosa 9 womens few, So i took it out and did asics noosa 9 womens my best to correct them, However they wouldint go back to the perfect original position if do you know what i cheap womens asics shoes mean asics noosa 9 womens.

Asics Gel Noosa TRI 10 Women’s Running Shoes blue dark goldange Henry asserts Kings’ hopes not shot

Henry asserts Kings’ hopes not shot

Asics noosa 9 womens holly, A rookie NBL national import, Has been booked in for surgery today to make up ligaments linking his left hand and wrist.

The actual guard is a giant loss for the Kings, Whose charge in their first womens asics gel noosa finals series since 2008 has stalled on a sixmatch losing streak.

His injury wouldn’t be able to come at a worse time for the club. Automobile sweating on the fitness asics noosa 9 womens of Australian shooting guard Aaron Bruce, Who is nursing a grade one hamstring muscle tear from two weeks ago, To fill Henry’s shoes in their crucial clash against womens asics gel noosa the Cairns Taipans at the Sydney home theatre Centre on Friday.

The 172cm floor general has developed a popularity at the Kings as one of the shortest and most explosive players in the NBL and has told fans he wants to return for the 201314 season.

The degree of the injury came as a surprise to the coaching staff with Henry playing on after falling hard during their overtime loss to the New Zealand Breakers on Saturday.

Henry only realised something had been wrong with his wrist after feeling pain when reaching at full stretch for a steal asics noosa 9 womens at training on Monday.

He will have his arm in a cast for up to five weeks and will spend another five weeks in a treatment program.

Henry believes the Kings can hold their place in the NBL top four with asics noosa 9 womens six more rounds before the beginning of finals.

“Some people think that’s probably the end of our season, But they do not know how much the guys are ready to step up and fill my shoes, As they say, The manner in which I do, Henry said yesterday evening asics noosa 9 womens womens asics gel noosa.