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Bright white and the Seven Dwarfs

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But fans that are asics trail running shoes men eager to see Lisa in the role of Queen Malevola will not be distressed as former Emmerdale asics trail running shoes men costar Adele Silva has come to her friend’s rescue and slips perfectly into Lisa’s sparkly shoes.

Despite only having four days’ rehearsal with the cast and really the most lines to learn, Adele plays a wickedly menacing queen with devilish cackle you’ve ever heard.

Full of life and passion, Aiden is a bit asics running trainers like the glue holding the story regarding his comic routines and his ability to get the audience, Both new and experienced, Mixed up in show.

One other popular star is Marcus Patrick, Who made his debut yr after at the Kings and is back this year as the Huntsman. One for the ladies, Marcus preens his way around the stage and is unafraid to send himself up.

My fiveyearold little girl’s favourite character was Fairy Sparkle played by Jen Pringle from asics trail running shoes men Channel Five’s Milkshake! Those of you with children, Who? re early risers, Will know Jen and her fellow workers very well. She had enough energy to light up a whole rowof Christmas trees and it’ll be an impressive feat if she manages to maintain this level of high energy ’till the end of the panto’s run.

And who can watch a entire usefulness of Snow White without giving a mention to her seven miniature friends.

Stars of Channel 4’s fly on the wall documentary Seven Dwarves Max Laird and Karen Anderson were just two of the mini crew and Max got the most significant laugh of the night when he went diving head first across the stage in the show’s Twelve Days of Christmas sketch asics trail running shoes asics running trainers men.