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Core new ipod ipod nano X2 CPU and EPIA

Asics mens running shoes clearance asics trainers mens finally, Some 18 months even pursuing its last Nano chip, VIA has released a followup and a rather sexy enclosing motherboard. The chip is the first in the X2 ESeries of Nano chips, Which straps together with each other two of lastlast year 3000series Isaiah cores. It still a lowpower device with a TDP around 5 watts, And it still targeted at embedded applications and would you equipment. Beyond increasing up on cores, Some tweaks have presumably been made to structure since the 3000series asics trainers mens launch in 2009, But the exact specifications have yet to be released.

In terms of clock speeds go, There choosing either 1.4GHz, 1.6GHz but contemplating about last season Nano chips could be clocked to 2GHz, That not strangely exciting. The X2 is a local 64bit chip, Which certainly sets it aside from the Atom but the 2008 and 2009 Nano chips were 64bit, Identical. The X2 also has builtin hardwarebased AES security and x86 virtualization, Two modern advances that leave Intel and Atom in the dust but again, asics mens running shoes clearance Those have invariably been present on the Isaiah core. Essentially, The only new thing might X2 has two cores.

On the motherboard aspect, The EPIAM900 always delivers on features. Because of the juicy VX900 northbridge and the ChromotionHD video engine, There hardware velocity for VC1(Bluray) As well as, H.264, And enough power to support 1080p playback without showing up in CPU. There no sign of whether all DirectX or OpenGL is supported, Life-style and offer. Within the backplate there Gigabit LAN, Four asics trainers mens browse 2.0 cities, HDMI and VGA plug-ins, And even a serial port and on the system board itself, I have discovered single PCIe x16 and PCI slots, And much of headers for all of the usual stuff, Along with SPDIF.

Now what we have the need for is some benchmarks, But you will have none! Its topofanyline 3000series, Made in November 2009, Was about 40% faster than an original Atom N270, Which was released in June 2008 and Intel made a great progress way since then. The VIA report certainly seems to emphasize that the X2 will be ideal for embedded, Kiosktype applications and the fact that prerelease units haven been asics mens running shoes clearance sent to hardware sites for benchmarking indicate that the X2 isn going to be that exciting in the raw grunt department.

Regardless, With a TDP that the same as the Atom, Native asics trainers mens 64bit facilitate, And various other bakedin hardwareaccelerated features, The EPIAM900 and Nano X2 certainly make a reasonable pairing for HTPCs. One fly in the creams, Within the other hand: Lots of people has a suggested retail price of $310. A brandnew Atom with a motherboard, Nevertheless, Can be had for $150 asics trainers mens.