coolest nike soccer cleats Defense denies erotic recipes at Berlusconi villa

Defense denies erotic recipes at Berlusconi villa

Coolest nike soccer cleats latest nike soccer boots silvio Berlusconi’s defense says the first kind premier was”Assured” That a Moroccan teen at the middle of a sex scandal was related to the former Egyptian president. Nicolo Ghedini said Monday during closing justifications that Berlusconi neither paid for sex with an underage teen, Nor tried to hide it, As faced with a charge, And should be found not liable. Ghedini said Berlusconi would not have discussed the young woman, Karima el Mahroug, At a bilateral lunch with Hosni Mubarak in May 2010 if he previously known”She was likely Moroccan, A and lived in Sicily,

MILAN Former Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s defense denied Monday that had been any erotic escapades at dinners at the media mogul’s villa near Milan, And accused the court of bias from the businessmanturnedpolitician.

Nicolo Ghedini said during closing fights that Berlusconi neither paid for sex with an underage teen, Nor exerted pressure on police officials to help cover it up, As arrested. The astounding trial is in its final stage, With a verdict predictable later this month. Beneath trial date was set for June 24.

Both Berlusconi along with the woman, Karima elMahroug, Who is now 20 and was 17 right now the alleged encounters, Deny ever having sex.

”Given that people are in Milan, I can’t be optimists, But I coolest nike soccer cleats support the hopes of a defender, Announced Ghedini, Who accused its magistrates of bias against Berlusconi.

Ghedini said most requested by prosecution witnesses who described scenes of sexual excess during the parties were not there between February 2010 and May 2010 when elMahroug, Higher quality as Ruby, latest nike soccer boots Gone to dinners at the villa. Defense witnesses revealed ”normal” Dinners during which participants talked about soccer and denied any sexual encounters with the thenpremier.

”We have 25 witnesses give around similar accounts of the evenings, Ghedini assumed, Adding that prosecutors could not argue that their witnesses were correct while those of the defense who denied sex with the premier were not reliable.

One witness who never claimed at Berlusconi’s trial was elMahroug herself. The prosecution entered her sworn statements to investigators into testimony many of which she has since disavowed and she failed to appear once or twice for the defense, Which eventually struck her from their email list.

In spite of this, She did testify at a related trial of three former aides to Berlusconi charged with procuring prostitutes for Berlulsconi’s infamous ”bunga bunga” Functions, Telling the court that she seen several girls dancing provocatively in a striptease for Berlusconi.

In additional trial, ElMahroug denied making love with Berlusconi, While also saying she had exaggerated many of her exploits to friends and acquaintances to make herself seem more essential. She said she received envelopes with thousands of euros as gifts from the thenpremier every latest nike soccer boots time she attended a party, Plus one more 30,000 dollars($39,000) To open a salon. But she denied use the euros 4.5 million she had bragged with reference to.

Ghedini said elMahroug ”had the penchant to daydream, To lie regarding her name and her age, And that among her lies were states that she had received millions from Berlusconi. Despite the incongruencies, He asked the court to initiate the record elMahroug’s statements in the other trial.

Ghedini also claims Berlusconi was”Positive” That elMahroug was related to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak part of the case that relates to the charge of seeking to pressure an official to hide a crime. Berlusconi could not have discussed the young woman at a lunch with Mubarak in May 2010, If he had known she ”was a, A Moroccan who lived in Sicily in a condition of poverty, And whose father was a latest nike soccer boots street business, Ghedini exclaimed.

Prosecutors allege Berlusconi later said she was associated with Mubarak only to get her released from police custody after she was accused of stealing from a roommate an attempt, Prosecutors articulate, To keep the true nature of their union quiet. Ghedini said Berlusconi telephoned an official only for information and not to seek special therapy.

Prosecutors would like a sixyear prison sentence for Berlusconi and a lifetime ban from public office, A sentence Ghedini called ”stratospheric and revolutionary,

A Milan appeals court last month upheld a tax fraud conviction against Berlusconi this type of fouryear sentence and fiveyear ban on public office. His team has said it appeals the conviction to Italy’s highest court.

Berlusconi’s defense had sought to move both underage prostitution trial and a tax fraud case to Brescia, Another upper Italian city, Reasoning that Milan magistrates are biased against Berlusconi. Italy’s high court denied located.

Ghedini said in his closing argument that your chosen Milan judges hearing the sex case are”Culturally relatable to each other” So that you coolest nike soccer cleats prosecuin order to reallyrs, Whom he has accused of waging a politically motivated campaign against Berlusconi with with regards to removing him from politics latest nike soccer boots.