cr7 galaxy cleats for sale Inside the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Inside the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Nike soccer cleats flyknit cr7 galaxy cleats for sale it’s not someone who knows a little something about being sexy.

She joins us this morning Victoria’s Secret Angel crew is good to see you this morning and a big show is tomorrow not eat tonight is Aaron CVS very exciting.

A little pep in your head if you would for the first time on and international television tell us what you say to yourself to get the courage to do that just between us.

Just continue and they Nobody out well it’s it’s it’s it’s hot but I did everything could have worked out and I’m not I’m nervous but I’m excited and I just tell myself to enjoy because.

Because it’s a nerve wracking it’s hard to doing and you say stuff like it’ll be over in 35 seconds but I just.

I don’t say the think that I I.

Because they love to do it it’s so much fun I really actually I get sad when it’s over him and did you look like you’re having fun I have are using the term fun.

Now you’ve these two were in laundry before they got here.

You it would you with some things you over the top lingerie that’s embellished what over the top luxury how do you define what I think it’s if it’s everything it’s almost back to currency outfits that we the wings and I mean it the album right they are but there you can find them when it’s.

No you can’t get going but them in my embroidery that this is it is over the top but it’s a show is some meanest senate.

Most amazing fashion show you can we shot that brought couple weeks ago and it’s worth more than two million dollars and then I almost I almost wanted to cr7 nike soccer cleats flyknit galaxy cleats for sale steal think she looks on.

Most creative minds of focusing on Landry and some of these outfits you know this wouldn’t have yeah discourages work on cr7 galaxy cleats for sale solar entity actually yeah that’s pretty hot.

Let’s talk about the fact that your figure looks darn near perfect and you just had nike soccer cleats flyknit a baby.

Ten months ago yes how to manage how did you do that honey like motherhood I am I love motherhood and for me it’s been it’s hard to explain because.

I worked out my whole life I think it’s a bunch of different things and that that combined that I had that I got my body back it’s it’s worked out my homeland said a very healthy because.

I was very aware that my baby was in my Amazon coming I can’t put that I can’t put any crap in my in my body audio I very still do.

Your husband’s a little steam because you’re going space.

Yes and he’s gonna.

moved down as.

That and I think he’s he said I was very irresponsible but I think he’s his death but you are actually going to just facing 2014.

You’re doing it yet why don’t you know what this in the space how are you getting.

well cr7 galaxy cleats for sale I think it only takes about like ten I mean you’re going very and then you’re up space plane hits and I mean I just can’t wait to see earth sheriff there and in Europe that you got to do a folder with this I’ll call you out there and very cr7 galaxy cleats for sale.