Pro Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG – Dark Blue/Orange/Silver It’s au revoir but not goodbye

It’s au revoir but not goodbye

Cr7 soccer cleats mercurial victory 6 so, my friends, this is a gentle farewell of sorts. I not leaving the building exactly, but I am moving to a spanking new home on these pages new page, new look all of which gives me the chance to go through the cupboards on the Fashion For Life desk to see what been stashed away over the years. Regular readers will have chewed their way through more than 350 columns since 2004 so what have we learnt?

What goes around comes around. This is as true in relationships as it is in fashion. From which we can surmise the following: be pleasant to everyone you meet going up, as you will almost certainly meet them again on the mercurial victory 6 down escalator of life (hello Simon!). Similarly, fashion is in its very soul cyclical. Those velveteen loon pants which look like a cruel joke now? Give them time. They will return, like the undead rising from the back of the closet. There is a good reason for this: our peculiarly shaped, starfish bodies can only successfully be clothed in a limited number of ways, no matter what Rei Kawakubo says. Bellbottoms, puff sleeves, boleros, peplums, knickerbockers all make regular comebacks because there no place else to go.

Hoard and hang on tight. Never throw away expensive clothes. I have one silvery wool jacket that has been with me for 25 years, longer even than my husband. It mercurial victory 6 was money to start with, and it still is. The same can be guaranteed of the following: Chanel handbags and jackets, good leather, cashmere, YSL tailoring and anything at all by Missoni, up to and including cushions. I once gave away a Chanel coat creamy boucl, lined in silken doubleCs and I have never forgiven myself the idiocy. Sometimes it comes to me in my dreams, that coat. I reach out and grab only air is an emotion, cr7 soccer cleats not an action. You really do need to fall in love though in style, as in romance, there are stayers and there are onenight stands. So, slim indigo jeans, cocktail rings, friendship bracelets, important handbags, shades of grey, dramatic shoes, an excellent trophy jacket these have all been stayers over the past decade or so. Shoulder pads, jeggings, pineapple prints whatever did you see in them?

If in doubt, invest. Mercifully enough, we have largely moved away from the fastfashion feeding frenzy that characterised the cr7 soccer cleats early years of the century and from that swirling jumble of cheap socks and multipack Tshirts, we came to recognise the unparalleled power of the mercurial victory 6 Investment Piece. One great jacket, one fab bag, one perfect shoe. Well, two perfect shoes, but you get the gist. So, the general rule is to buy a single great garment, then give your debit card a rest. For autumn, I splurge on a sculptural dress in a brilliant block colour a china blue or an emerald green or a sharp orange, perhaps with a nod to the 1960s. I got my eye on a red Sportmax number. And that is the glory of it all. There always something gorgeous around the corner, ready to turn our pretty heads mercurial victory 6.