Nike Hypervenom Phantom III 3 DF FG – Light Armory/Blue/Armory Navy Store How To Give Yourself A Professional Pedicure

How To Give Yourself A Professional Pedicure

High top soccer cleats nike i having been doing feet for about 15 years, I will show you how to give yourself a nice pedicure at home. People often neglect their feet, you should really begin to take care of them, especially as you get older.

I usually high top soccer cleats nike use my pedi file in the shower in the morning, you just file the foot, and slough off the dead skin until it is smooth, hypervenom cleats soccer you will see the skin come off as you file your feet. Since i am getting older, I see cracked skin and put on a good foot lotion after, such as gehwol.( you can buy the products at any spa) Do not treat yourself if you have a infection, Go hypervenom cleats soccer see a foot doctor, It will get worse if you try to treat your own feet.

After you are done filing off your dead skin, you can now trim the nails with a nail clipper, don’t cut the nail pass the skin, trim them straight across, then you can start filing the nails, starting from the baby toe, use a professional nail file, medium to soft grit, you can buy them at your beauty supply. You can shape them oval or square, to get a square shape just file the nail back and forth, then you can round the edges off so they are not too sharp, for round you can, shape in an oval shape, after your shape you can but some cuticle softener or cuticle oil on the cuticles, then gently push back with a cuticle pusher, you can start trimming your cuticles with a professional trimmer. I will post some products, to show which professional products are best, hypervenom cleats soccer when trimming you should only cut the hang nails and you should not cut the cuticle, just trim the skin under the cuticle, cut the cuticle slowly, don’t pull upwards or snag the skin you can cause bleeding by doing this! After that you can buff the nail with a block buffer to smooth any ridges and make the nail have a smooth finish. Now you may put a foot scrub on your feet, take some and rub it all over your feet, it will feel high top soccer cleats nike grity and rough at first if you are not used to, it feels amazing when i use it! then rise off with water. It removes all the dry skin cells, your feet will feel super smooth afterwards!

After that you can put a nice foot creme, I like gehwol foot products, they are the best and good for cracked feet. The one I used at work was the med. medium by gehwol. Use remover to remove the foot creme, so polish adheres to the nail! Now you can paint your toenails, start with a base coat, you can use kleenex for toe separators to spread the nails apart. Start applying your base coat, start from the baby toe, paint all the toes, now you can put your favourite colour, when applying polish wipe the polish brush off inside the bottle then apply a thin layer, go close to the

cuticle within getting it on cuticle, then apply a second coat, applying it thin and evenly, let dry, then apply an opi top coat or whichever you like. I also like seche vite, it drys super quick! If you have any remaining polish on the skin you can use a wood stick dipped in remover to clean high top soccer cleats nike around the toes high top hypervenom cleats soccer soccer cleats nike.