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Erik Morales hits a pull at the

Hypervenomx turf now it seems that report has been a bit premature, As today Boxingscene scribe Jhonny Gonzalez reported that Marquez is playing a bit of hardball of this rebounding Morales.

In order to Gonzalez, Marquez feels Morales had his opportunity to fight him back in the early 2000s and hypervenomx turf did not provide him the option. Desiring great, Morales was the marquee Mexican and Marquez was seeking to scratch himself into boxing’s high rent district.

In the mean time, Marquez’s dog mentor Ignacio”Nacho” Beristain told Univision Radio that his fighter’s goal is to win a shining in a fourth weight division something Morales cannot offer and never accomplished by a Mexican born fighter.

On the bright side, If Marquez granted Morales possibility to fight, Morales can win a championship in his fourth weight division.

Visibly, Ego has manifistated itself in the hypervenomx turf negotiate on original nike mercurial prices for a battle between the two Mexican standouts

That just shows what egocentric man this cry baby is. Initially when he was the”Chimp ion” He did not give Pacquiao an on the spot rematch after their draw, As they want a more bigger purse, But stupidly get a more smaller purse when he fight Chris John in philippines. But now hes obsessively enjoy having a fight with Pacquiao but demanded $5M for the fight. Then this time hes trying to play hard ball with Eric Morales because he dosent want to give Eric the actual to win a championship in 4 weight division. What a horrible cry baby this man is,

As far as past negotiations on terms between Pac and JMM: He initially turned down the rematch with pac because could not agree on the purse. He ended up being stripped of his title over bs boxing politics, Which is what forced him to fight John in Indonesia for the vacant title. It is not his fault he was robbed in that fight.

Everyone including JMM realized that the Pac fight should be his main priority and he had been calling out Pac since the period, But it was Pac that continued avoiding the rematch and instead chose to fight lesser opponents and unnecessary rematches with barrera and morales, Before finally tallying to meet him in 2008. Pac was very reluctant to even take that fight, The only reason it was finally made is because Marquez agreed to most of Pac’s demands(Inspite of Marquez was the one holding the title).

“He worked it out very wisely with Marquez, Arum said of hypervenomx turf his one-time bitter rival. “He did an excellent job. I compliment him, Otherwise your strugle wouldn’t happen,

He also opted for fight pac at any weight:

“After Schaefer and Arum closed the investment banking gap, Pacquiao had to pick the weight. Marquez wanted the fight so badly that he was prepared fight a nontitle bout between 131 and 135 pounds,

Mind you, Practice more proof that pac had avoided marquez, And possibly nathanielsz, Your pactard out there, Reported that Pacquiao turned down the rematch with Marquez when he was made the required challenger in 2007:

“Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer says he is that Manny Pacquiao turned down a mandatory title shot at reigning WBC super featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez after WBC president Jose Sulaiman called for free talks or if it didn work, A handbag bid on June 18.

Pacquiao reportedly signed a threeparagraph letter to the WBC prepared by his adviser Michael Koncz informing Sulaiman that he was relinquishing his mandatory status and the WBC was free to name another woman,

Again along with your hypocrisy. First, They claim the Morales fight is meaningless now they say it ought to be his first priority. The Pactards will always take the opposing view regardless his decision.

People say Marquez is”Starving” Morales of a prospect for a 4th title, But shouldn’t Marquez have the authority to pursue his own goal of a 4th title if he so chooses, Anyhow, Marquez is not starving Morales of anything. Any one of the top lightweights would jump at the particular to fight a big name like Morales.

In terms of avenging a brother’s loss, That’s more hypocrisy just as before. In the first instance, Rafael has no desire to have his brother to”Avenge” His lowering. He would love the possibility to face Lopez himself in a rematch after his shoulder heals. Rafael’s goal is to become a 3 division champion like his brother and a JMMLopez fight would only stand in the form of that.

Since you spoke of avenging a brother’s loss. Humberto Soto had fought and Koed Bobby Pacquiao completely to get Pac in the ring with him. After the battle, Soto called out Pac who was simply sitting at ringside.

Pac initially said he’d fight Soto to help avenge his brothers loss.

“You can line the fighters who want to fight Manny all the way up Granville Street so of course he’ll say he wants to fight Manny, Said barnes of Soto.

But Manny went to New York and watched his brother get beat up so it’s your own now. Soto has challenged if we have him. Pacquiao’s gone on record you need to like ‘even if I had to put my purse aside, I’d squabble him.’ it will be a good fight,

Of course, Not many weeks later, Pac metamorphosed his tune and said he didn’t care who he fights next either Soto or Barrera. It’s convenient that he chose to face Barrera in a rematche years after koing him even though Humberto Soto was difficulties young fighters in the division at waiting for his opportunity against Pac.

In spite of Marquez’ claim to have beaten Manny twice, If he would like to prove to himself, To his Mexican fans and everyone around you that he can beat the Pacman for the third time, He has no choice but to challenge and beat the big boys Pacquiao destroyed. Marquez wants to beat either Cotto, Clottey, Or perhaps a Margarito. By beating Juan Diaz and Katsidis or possibly Morales will not get him a persons vision he desires. He has to go up in weight again and beat crucial big boys then he can proclaim he is next in line to face Pacquiao and that this time, He needs a bigger piece of the fight. Pacquiao and Arum will be force to JMM’s terms and we’ll have the thrd fight.

The most exciting fight there is for Marquez is against either Cotto or Margarito both previous attackers of Pacquiao. I and most fans would enjoy see this fight. Right here is the only road that will lead him to his wish for a third and final($$$$M before pension) Attack with Pacquiao. This is the fight he and his handlers should focus to instead of fighting brand names exretired Morales. Or he may have an eliminator fight with Berto. If he can dispose Berto then he can claim he has the authority to face Pacquiao.

Correct this, He got possibility to fight Morales, And what he has been doing? Keep mentioning the past. I mean beneficial side. way it is. If you are beginning, You got choice to accept or turndown fight offers. If he doesn’t want it, Just say no and begin a real deal at higher weight to earn rights to fight Pac hypervenomx turf original nike mercurial.