latest mercurial superfly How To Make a Yarn Wig

How To Make a Yarn Wig

Nike performance magista latest mercurial superfly prepare your hat. Before you actually start to make your yarn wig, you need to get your hat to the proper size. If the top of the hat at all covers nike performance magista your eyes or even your eyebrows, you will need to fold up the brim of your hat. Don’t worry. The bangs of the wig will cover this folded area.

It’s also a good idea to make nike performance magista sure that your yarn at least somewhat matches your hat. This is so that even if your yarn doesn’t cover your entire hat, no one will really notice. The colors of the hat and the yarn should blend together. If your hat is multicolored, then go with a multicolored yarn of similar colors, or choose two or three skeins of yarns that match up to your hat.

Measure out the length of your wig. You now need to decide how long you will want your hair to be on your yarn wig. If you want it to reach to your shoulders, you latest mercurial superfly will need to find latest mercurial superfly a pillow that measures approximately that same length. A throw pillow from your couch will usually do the trick. Then, wrap the yarn around the length of the pillow at least 30 times, ensuring that the yarn starts and stops on the same side of the pillow. Cut the yarn off of the yarn ball.

To make your bangs, find a small piece of cardboard ( 5″ 7″ ) and do the same, wrapping it around at least 30 times and securing it with a tie at the top. You’ll probably need 34 bundles for bangs in your yarn wig.

Secure your yarn strands. With your yarn hair properly measured, latest mercurial superfly Slip it under the top edge of your pillow, under all the strands of yarn you just wrapped around it. Then tie a doubleknot to secure the strands. This tie needs to go at the end that does not have the two loose ends of yarn that you started and stopped with. At the opposite end to where you just tied the string, use your scissors to cut through all of the yarn loops at the very bottom of the strands. Try to make the strands relatively even in length. Remove this bundle from the pillow, and make at least 10 more in exactly the same fashion.

Attach the bundles to your hat. Your yarn wig will start to come together with this step. Using your chalk, draw a line around the crown of your hat that goes all the way to the brim. Then put your crochet hook (or bent safety pin) through the very top of the hat, slightly to the left of the line you just marked. Grab one end of the yarn you used to tie your bundle, and pull it through your hat. Do the same with the other short piece of yarn, pulling it through on the other side of your chalk line this time. Then on the inside of your hat, tie the two short strings together in a double knot.

Attach the bundles all along the top of your hat, ensuring that no area looks uneven or goes uncovered. The smaller yarn bundles that are your bangs should be attached to the chalk line at the front of your hat. Once attached, trim all of your strands to your desired length, and your yarn wig is complete latest mercurial superfly.