magista on sale J Crew Stylist Jenna Lyons talks about fall

J Crew Stylist Jenna Lyons talks about fall

Nike hypervenom buy online magista on sale jenna Lyons must have one of the best jobs in the entire world.

Jenna shows off several trendsensitive looks that can be put together by shopping your closet and adding a few pieces here and there. She’s a whiz. and JCrew’s fall collection is fabulous

Here’s a bit of insider information on this interview. This was a phone in magista on sale to video interview where I was on the phone and talking to Jenna live. Here’s what’s unusual about this inteview1) I wasn’t told that Jenna Lyons was from JCrew so I went in cold thinking magista on sale she was a stylist and I couldn’t remember why her name sounded so familiar.

2) I couldnt’ see any of the images or outfits because this was a video feed and someone forgot to ask me if I wanted one. I was riffing my comments based on Jenna’s really great descriptions and some careful listening good imaging skills on my part. So I was flying blind magista on sale based solely on what Jenna said. ( There’s a reason why I do what I do. My ability to visualize things and it’s not a trait that one can just learn).

3) After I found out that Jenna was from JCrew (the tipoff was her mentioning the color “mustard” which is the ocher color that is online. The ‘set in stone’ was the mention of JCrew), I made a couple of comments on the video that sound a bit geeky but they are what they are. I had just ordered several items from them in the previous 23 weeks and found most of them to be spot on, I did return a couple for size issues and or because the color didn’t work with other items. So if you think I sound sort of “fanish” on this, it’s because I actually “wear” JCrew clothing and there are photos on my blog of me wearing some pieces right from the catalog.

4)I contacted their PR and finally was able to see the video that was the basis for the interview. (Of course that was after the tape was finished and in my hands). JCrew’s PR was awesome about getting me images, logos and information.

5) I actually went back over the video (both of the videoswith and without me). and checked out every outfit

JCrew Creative Director, Jenna Lyons gives tips and tricks on how to put together fall looks including the boyfriend look and other ways to incorporate fall shorts and leggings.

The skinny jeans is a fave. I really want to wear the oversize shirt so that’s a look I nike hypervenom buy online will check out and why I asked about how to fit because it’s complicated and some things might have to be altered to fit. Ditto the shoes and the tights. However their mohair cardigan is to die for. Haven’t found better corduroy nike hypervenom buy online pants for less anywhere else and the tops and shirts are tres chic and I buy almost everything on sale. This time I found a couple of things that were “must haves, (mohair sweater I have been lusting over for 2 years but never could find the right price point till now)

A most sincere thank you to Jenna Lyons and the JCrew press team for their assistance on this video magista on sale.