Nike Magista Obra II FG – Green/Black/Volt Online Store I like the idea behind Gothic Lolita fashion

I like the idea behind Gothic Lolita fashion

Nike Soccer Cleats For Kids On Sale magista with sock i like Steampunk, too and the Gothic style as some of the Vampire craze has interpreted it. I tend to like distressed steampunk more than the stuff that looks more like it would have looked originally

Several Octobers ago In the Annesdale Snowden neighborhood of my city, there was a haunted house tour (these were civil war era homes and a 1900s era subdivision) many children and teens who helped host this event wore this style. They were not flamboyant magista with sock but some were dressed to the teeth in Gothic, High Victorian funerary fashion. Some mixed elements with school uniforms, Scottish Society kilts and skirts, Halloween costumes, and even antique handicapped bracing.

(You are right that the stuff is too flamboyant to the point of very tacky and I don’t like the overt “Punk Rock” statement). Victorian Funerary garb and Steampunk I like. Even the Schoolgirl Uniform stuff. But I Nike Soccer Cleats For Kids On Sale am growing wary of the elements that seem fetishlike, and I’m wondering if that’s the direction the movement is headed.

I remember that (man it would suck if you slammed the thing shut with the key still in it) when it magista with sock came out. But I like mine to look like it was found in my great grandparents attic, like their gas heaters and early electric fans rather than something you might find on a stage set of an anachronistic film like Jules Verne or a scifi twist on 1890s Dracula.

In fact, my second Askville question (in 2008) was, could a computer be built with magista with sock Victorian technology (the keypunch and punchcard technology is actually centuries old) that Nike Soccer Cleats For Kids On Sale would have anything like the functioning of one of today’s (or at least the 1980s) PCs. (it was barely conceivable, a bit of a stretch, but would be extremely slow and would overheat).

I love steampunk gadgetry, but I like it to look slightly intimidating, like a turnofthecentury elevator / lift, or old hospital equipment or Frankensteiesque computers and furnaces rather than, say, ChittyChitty Bang Bang (a lot of unintentional Steampunk in that movie).

Thanks for responding to my question.

I would like to think you were trying to be humorous with that answer, but I can see that you’re not. Its one of the stupidest answers I’ve ever seen on Askville, yet you were trying to say I’M stupid.

In any case, even the information you did give, was wrong. The Goths were a Germanic tribe. Both the Swedes and Spanish claim Gothic ancestry and the “Gypsies” (as you call them) were not Gothic. The “Gypsies” are actually Rom, and are NOT Germanic (as the Goths were) and have either Middle Eastern or Indian origins. There are no “traces of a Gothic religion” as the Goth culture has been extinct for well over 600 years but was Christian last time there are any records.

My question was SPECIFICALLY about the Gothic clothing of companies like Gloomth and the Cult of Melancholy, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Goths who were present in the lower regions of Baltic (and who most certainly were NOT the origin of the Rom, whom you call “Gypsies”) magista with sock.