nike hypervenom phantom fg boots How to Dress and Look the Part

How to Dress and Look the Part

Lightweight soccer cleats nike hypervenom phantom fg boots there is no way that you can stand the summer heat without a bikini. If you think your body shape is not for bikini wear, then you better think again. Every woman has a special bikini perfect for her figure. Thong bikinis may be a total mess for you but this does not mean that you cannot look smoking hot in different bikini designs. Bikini designers came up with plenty of designs for different body types not just thong bikinis. Follow these simple tips that will help you in finding a swimsuit that works well for your figure and flaunting it like you have never done before.

First identify your body shape. There are basically five types of body shapes or figures each with its perfect bikini wear. These are the apple, hourglass, pear, rectangular and round shapes. The apple shape is characterized by a fuller upper body and smaller lower body unlike the pear shape which is the exact opposite.

Rectangular bodies have an athletic structure lightweight soccer cleats with a small chest and a typically skinny frame nike hypervenom phantom fg boots all round. The hour glass figure is assumed to be the easiest to dress a bikini since women with this shape have a perfectly defined waist. The round shape women have a lot of nike hypervenom phantom fg boots weight in the tummy and not a well defined waist. The amazing thing is that each of these women has a bikini type that will make them stand out.

Secondly, you need to identify the bikini designs that work for your body shape. Thin spaghetti straps may work well for the pear shaped women but not necessarily for an apple shaped woman. The apple shape is better with halter tops and a thong. The string bikini will work well for anyone with a smaller bust and small upper frame. However, if you have a large lower body, stay away from thong bikinis. Thong bikinis will bring more attention to the large lower body.

Thirdly, select the right bikini colors for your body shape. People with a large upper body are advised to wear bright colors at the bottom and darker colors at the top but the opposite applies to those women with a large lower body. Rectangular bodied women are advised to keep off from bikinis with stripes but to concentrate more on diagonal lines. Women with a round figure should keep away from bikinis with prints, patterns or striking colors. The best bikinis for this body shape have a dark solid color and can have some diagonal lines.

It is no secret that a woman may be torn between the one piece and twopiece swimsuit once in a while. The two piece swimsuits like the thong bikini is a nice wear for someone with a smaller lower body. If your lower body is very big, you might want to draw away attention from that part by covering it with either a nice swim skirt or shorts. However, the thong bikini may work well for someone with a well defined waist. However, if your waist is not well defined and the upper nike hypervenom phantom fg boots and lower bodies are full figured avoid thong bikinis and instead go for a one piece bikini wear nike hypervenom phantom fg boots lightweight soccer cleats.