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Is the Shoe Insult a islamic Thing

Nike kids football shoes by serta Gilgoff, God land. Here is a taste:

The question has surfaced as news organizations struggle to make sense of the shoehurling Iraqi journalist whom President Bush encountered at a Baghdad press conference over the nike kids football shoes past weekend.

Many of the media’s information have saddled the episode with cultural and religious meaning, Noting that Muslims consider shoes to be ritually unclean and take them off before entering mosques. But Middle East scholars say shoe abuse appears to lack distinctly Muslim or Arabic origins and that some widely disseminated understanding of the weekend runin probably go too far.

“It’s one of those cases where we’re attempting to make it a nike kids football shoes lot more alien and bizarre than it actually is, Utters Jamal Elias, A University of Pennsylvania religious studies professor who focuses on Islam. “The reporter was disgusted with something Bush was saying, As well as acted out. I can’t imagine if you go to a press expo with George W. Bush they let you carry too indoor soccer shoes for men much along with, So he took off the thing he could hurl shoe,

Read the remainder here.It is ready that no one will see this three years after the event.Nomadic peoples of the Middle East presumably would remove their nike kids football shoes dirty shoes before entering someone else’s tent their own as an example. Throwing or merely showing their shoes at or to their host would defile the clean household since they’re indoor soccer shoes for men by definition unclean.

The irony is that the guest would also defile him/herself since they would have washed their extremities on entering the host’s home. This must be so the particular shoes are unclean. The insult might be simply symbolic nike kids football shoes.