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John Mayer Cuffed

Nike magista mens tiempo legend nike katy Perry and John Mayer were risking their fashion reputations when the pair went out to tour Kauai during their recent Hawaiian vacation. It seems the Fashion Police got their hands on a tiempo legend nike photo of the two in a very peculiar pose and it wasn’t a pretty picture.

But it was a picture that the E! Entertainment arbiters decided to pick apart. George Kotsiopolous, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic, and Joan Rivers participated in a segment of their show called “Guess Me From Behind, And so, as Perry and Mayer were observed in disguise, so to speak, at least one of these savvy style watchers were able to guess who these two were without even seeing their faces.

In the picture, John was crouching down while dressing down, looking as if he might have been needing to let nature take its course while he tiempo legend nike was out and one with nature and therefore lacking any bathroom facilities.

Also in the rustic setting that may have been the jungle and seemed to include a lot of mud, Katy was wearing a top and matching shorts that looked very tribal. Her legs were in evidence in a big way as the shorts were very, well, short. Beyond that her pins were very pale. She tiempo legend nike looked dirty while wearing what seemed to be an orange scarf around nike magista mens her neck. Her mop was disheveled and was held back by what looked like some sort of fabric hairband.

Mayer also had on a pair of shorts as well as a sloppy tshirt. His print shorts weren’t short but they were tropical and could have even been his swimming trunks. He had on a scarf too, grabbing his neck.

So, with this awkward photo to ponder, the Fashion Police gang took turns trying to guess who these two not very appealing people (at least in the image) were. After a collective groan, Giuliana guessed that the shot showed Zooey Deschanel and her boyfriend whereas George, who had no idea really, desperately guessed Rumer Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

However, Kelly guessed right. Yep, this style judge has a keen eye. So, after assessing the assets on these two, seeming to disregard what they were wearing but noticing John’s arm tattoo, Osbourne came up with Katy Perry and John Mayer as the people in the picture getting down and dirty.

Later in the show, when the worst dressed picks were discussed, Giuliana picked Katy Perry and John Mayer for this Fashion Police honor. Kelly did not agree at all, pointing out that this usually goodlooking and well turned out pair were on vacation, and therefore insinuating that they should not have been in the running for this particular “honor” based on what they were wearing.

So what do you think? Do you think Rancic should have picked on what Katy Perry and John Mayer were wearing when the couple was on vacation? Do you think the Fashion Police should have skipped this particular review since the two stars were not dressed for any special occasion but seemed to be dressed for the occasion in which this pair were participating? Please weigh in tiempo legend nike.