nike magista obra 2 MP among 17 destroyed in Afghan attack

MP among 17 destroyed in Afghan attack

Nike magista obra 2 mazarisharif: A suicide bomber killed a prominent Afghan lawmaker and 16 other people at his daughter’s wedding party in the north of the nation on Saturday, Authorities said.

The attacker shared MP Ahmad Khan, A former militia leader, Next to wedding guests before detonating the explosives strapped around his waist, A burglar alarm forces spokesman said.

President Hamid Karzai’s office said in a statement 17 everyone was nike magista obra 2 mercurial victory vi ag killed nike magista obra 2 and around 43 wounded, Revising a tender statement that said 23 were killed in the attack in Aybak, Capital of normally peaceful Samangan land.

“Latest mercurial victory vi ag reports indicate that 17 citizens were killed and about 43 others were wounded, The policy said.

Provincial mind chief Mohammad Khan was among those killed at the celebration attended by other highranking government officials.

The bill blamed the”Enemy” Attack about”Invaders of Afghanistan, A saying used by Afghan officials to refer mercurial victory vi ag to the Taliban.

Karzai also appointed a delegation to examine the attack.

An racial Uzbek, Khan was a militia commander through the decades of conflict in Afghanistan, When his forces held sway in the region.

There was no immediate claim of guilt for the attack. Zabiullah Mujahid, A purported Taliban spokesperson, Told he was”Not aware” Of panic or anxiety attack by the militant group in northern Afghanistan.

Witnesses at the scene told the windows of these two storey wedding nike magista obra 2 hall were shattered and bloodstained turbans, Shoes and clothes could been seen across the hall.

The attacker apparently disguised himself as a guest and blew himself up at the doorway of the hall, Where highranking local officials were that welcomes guests nike magista obra 2.

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