Cheapest Nike Magista Opus II FG – Blue/Silver/Volt Elliott’s Boots place in Knoxville

Elliott’s Boots place in Knoxville

Good soccer shoes elliott’s Boots golf pair of running footwear in Knoxville

I purchased boots online for a gift. I ordered them 3 weeks before i desired them. These folks were on backorder and the store didn’t notify me. When I hadn’t received boots and called to inquire, They couldn’t give me an answer as to when would ship and these were very rude. I ended up receiving the boots 3 days after I needed them and had good soccer shoes to get great gift by that time. I called after I received the boots and reported that I was unhappy the store didn’t send me an email stating the boots were on backorder and I wanted a refund. She was real rude and unapologetic!

As, Afterwards I went to return them and was going to just exchange them for something more important because I lost my packing receipt. They won’t even do an exchange. And the woman actually said, “Uggg! I hate when folks don’t keep their stuff together, Right in front of me when I was good soccer shoes attempting to make an exchange. Luckily I have an Iphone and went online and found my receipt from my online purchase as they had no method of accessing it in the store. Then she had to take a pair of boots to their”On the web people” To issue their good soccer shoes money back, Which couldn’t be achieved by the store and couldn’t be done while I waited.

She could give me no paperwork praoclaiming that I’d left the boots for a refund or anything! Evidently, I’ve yet to get my nike magista opus fg refund and am still waiting! I’m sure the next task is I will just ask for the boots back and they will have no way to prove that I even left them there! I’m probably out $87 and aided by the rude remarks I’ve had to tolerate from these people, They will be out my business through-out my life because I will never shop there again! I wouldn’t counsel you do either good soccer shoes nike magista opus fg.