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Importance Of Bridesmaids To The Wedding Event

Nike mercurial cr7 soccer boots high tops during the Roman Empire, it was common for several women to wear similar clothing to the bride and accompany her to the wedding. There was more than one reason for this ritual. A wealthy woman could be waylaid by bandits on the soccer boots high tops way to the ceremony, and her dowry and jewels stolen. Or, an angry former suitor could abduct her. People also believed that evil spirits would attempt to harm the bride and groom on their wedding day.

By dressing like the bride, her friends hoped to confuse any malevolent spirits that were lurking in the area. The groom also had friends ready to perform the same service in his behalf. Many believed that those who wished the couple ill could curse them, so it was essential to confuse anyone of cruel intent. As recently as the nineteenth century, brides, grooms and their respective attendants were attired in a similar manner.

Today, bridesmaids serve a different purpose. A woman soccer boots high tops still chooses her closest friends to share her special day, and to make sure that it runs smoothly. They accompany the bride on shopping trips, help her write invitations, and act as assistants prior to and during the wedding. The maid of honor will hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, make sure her train is nike mercurial cr7 arranged, and take care of any last minute issues that may arise on the day of the ceremony.

Bridesmaids no longer wear dresses similar to that of the bride. Bridesmaids’ fashion is as varied and beautiful as nike mercurial cr7 the bridesmaids themselves. These dresses add to the atmosphere and appearance of the wedding itself.

There are soccer boots high tops some important considerations when choosing apparel for bridesmaids:

Consider the time of year, the surroundings, and other aspects of the wedding itself. The dresses should complement the style and atmosphere of the wedding. Dresses for winter weddings usually are of a darker, richer hue, while pastels are popular for spring and summer weddings. Remember, not only will the bridesmaids’ attire reflect the beauty of the event, they will also appear, forever, in a couple’s most treasured photographs.

Be aware of the cost of the ensemble. Bridesmaids are not just paying for the dress, but also for the shoes and accessories. A bride may offer to pay some of the expenses, but generally the price should be acceptable to both the bride and the bridesmaids. Another option is for the bride to choose jewelry and give it to her companions as the traditional ‘bridesmaid’s gift’. This way, she can choose jewelry without concern for overtaxing her friends’ bank accounts.

A bride has more flexibility than ever when choosing her bridesmaids’ dresses. There is more variety in length and color. Women who prefer tradition can have classic, traditional style, while brides with a passion for the unusual are free to get creative.

The purpose of having bridesmaids may have changed over the centuries, as have the fashions and accessories soccer boots high tops.