Authentic Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG – Purple/Black/Red How to dress like a leader

How to dress like a leader

Nike soccer cleats new whether you’re already at the top of the pecking order or still climbing the ladder, your work wardrobe says a lot about your leadership qualities. Here are some wardrobe tips fit for a leader.

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You put tonnes of effort into your work cleats cr7 so express that dedication in your clothing too. You don’t have to be on the razor edge of fashion but keeping your working wardrobe uptodate is important. A leader, after all, represents his or her company, so looking coordinated and polished shows that you take an interest in both your appearance and the appearance of the company.

Office style payoff: A winning wardrobe will make you stand out as someone who pays attention to detail.

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Buy investment pieces

Buying quality over quantity will ensure you always look sharp. Quality items, such as a wellfitted suit, wellmade shoes and an elegant watch, won’t date like cheap fad clothing. The rule here is to spend a little more on clothing and accessories you truly love. You’ll wear them season after season, plus you’ll feel good when you’re wearing them.

Office style payoff: When you feel smart in your clothes, you’ll feel more powerful in the boardroom.

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Take some fashion risks

We’re not suggesting you start wearing disco tights to work, but adding some individuality to your office wardrobe can boost your mood and confidence levels. Try adding a statement belt or a bold necklace to your nike soccer cleats new outfit (both are key trends this season), or dare to wear those fuchsia heels you’re in love with. Guys, experiment cleats cr7 with colour; try swapping traditional blue nike soccer cleats new for this season’s lavender.

Office style payoff: Being confident enough to make a style statement will demonstrate your confidence and willingness to try new things.

Leadership quality 4Leadership is not about sitting alone in your ivory tower (okay, office). It’s important to stay approachable amongst your colleagues or you’ll get out of touch fast. If your outfit is looking particularly sharp one day, try teaming it with a more casual hairstyle such as a looselytied bun or slightly undone waves. Ditto with your makeup; if your hair is looking nike soccer cleats new “done, tone it down with a neutral makeup palette. The aim is to look neat but not overly severe and aloof.

Office style payoff: Even if you have had three promotions, let your appearance say that you’re still someone your peers can (and want to) talk to; being approachable will help you stay ahead of the game.

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Pay attention to grooming

Good grooming will get you a long way up the career ladder so make sure you make regular appointments with your hairdresser and manicurist. Also find yourself a quality drycleaner to keep clothes clean and pressed (men, look for one with an ironing service if ironing shirts is your downfall), and locate a good seamstress for hems, buttons and alterations nike soccer cleats new.