nike tiempo legend v ag Erzulie Dantor along with the Black Madonna

Erzulie Dantor along with the Black Madonna

Nike tiempo legend v ag (on the left is an image of the black madonna of czstochowa. the chromolithograph on the right is very popular in haiti to depict the loa erzulie dantor)

haitian Voodoo is mostly derived from a religious system of deity and ancestor veneration widely practiced in western Africa whilst the Atlantic slave trade. Haitian Voodoo has more(, new world,) Spirits which don’t exist in African voodoo. People who ended up as slaves on someplace sunny and warm islands controlled by the Kingdom of France were forbidden(To begin with, on an adhoc basis, Later among the Code Noir) From working any religion other than Catholicism.

In light of all this a process of syncretisation befell on Haiti(Or SaintDomingue as the location was then called) Wherein some voodoo loa(Tones) Became identified with Catholic saints and some Catholic saints became loa in themselves. It’s an appealing subject, Introducing which should be related by those more talented than I. BoB particularly reccommends Webster University professor Bob Corbett’s site normally made available.

A particular syncretisation spurred me into writing Voodoo that between the Black Madonna of Czestochowa(Improve: Czarna Madonna Czstochowska) And the ” new world ” loa Erzulie Dantor. This is the loa of single moms, Homosexuals, Justice and liberty. Dantor was prevalent at a famous voodoo ritual in 1791, Where she took over the body of key worshippers and urged Haitians to”Kill the new person” This brought on the revolution which culminated in independence for the island in 1804 and the massacre of every nike tiempo legend v ag Frenchman on the island.

For her part the Black Madonna nike tiempo legend v ag has an exclusive place in Polish national myth. The ideas for portrait is housed in Poland’s holiest monastery at Jasna Gra. Legend has it the fact that icon was painted by St. Luke on a tabletop belonging to Mary and Joseph ultimately brought to Poland. Her distinctive facial scars are said to have unbelievely reappeared after they had been painted over following a pagan attack, A sign that the Black Madonna wanted to share in the nation’s fate.

Revolutionary Haitians were not to know all of this info. nike tiempo legend v 2016 The backstory to the painting in Voodoo lore is of a mother fiercely carry of the daughter she carries(Actually Jesus in the Catholic decryption). She loves knives and received the facial scars fighting and her sister Erzulie Freda. The scars are an indication of Dantor’s strength she is wounded but keeps going.

It nike tiempo legend v ag is hard to say why this sort of religious painting became a popular focus for syncretisation with a, new world, Philosophy of Haitian Voodoo. Her black skin may have made the painting more acceptable to a black citizenry than other whiteskinned versions, Much as images of saints with clearly Black African features are popular in Africa. It is also possible that there were many more copies of this unique painting on the island than others, Pursuing the landing of 5000 Polish legionaries on the island in 1802. Many Poles even today keep depictions of the Black Madonna in their homes, Cars and handbags and billfolds nike tiempo legend v ag.