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Nike running shoes for women sale lahore: CHIEF Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Thursday that the provincial government was doing their best to overcome the energy crisis to provide relief to the people. At that time, He explained, Promotion of private investment was being encouraged for generation of electric source.He was presiding over a conference at MinarePakistan camp office.

Shahbaz said everyone, Industrialists, Labourers and farmers were equally worried over loadshedding of a source of your electric energy as life itself had become miserable due to the energy crisis. He said industrial and agriculture sectors of Punjab were being severely damaged due to paucity of producing utility and gas. He said the provincial government had chalked out an energy plan and was endeavoring to provide additional practical information on energy sector so that energy needs were met in industrial, Farming and domestic sectors.

Shahbaz said the provincial energy split was pursuing an active energy policy, In venture with all the stakeholders and private sector, Was being motivated to benefit from investment programs in energy sector. Terming the proposed scheme of provision of sections an important step towards the betterment of the downtrodden, He said just for this scheme, Citizens would experience the facility of light. He said nike running shoes for women sale provision of land for future energy projects ought to be made a an area of the energy policy of the provincial government. He explained 8,500 tubewells in the province were operating on diesel whereas operating these tubewells on biogas would benefit farmers large numbers.

The main minister said that small farmers, Positioning upto 12.5 acres farming land, Must be provided special facility, Under nike running shoes for women sale a policy of operating tubewells on biogas.

Wrong insurance insurance plans: Shahbaz Sharif has said that problems and difficulties of the people are increasing thanks to wrong policies of the rulers, Including potential fight with the judiciary, Data file corruption error and bad governance.

He said that due to criminal failure of corrupt and incapable rulers, The particular was facing a severe energy crisis but the PMLN, After arriving at power, Would bring the particular out of the darkness.

He was talking to a representative delegation of students belonging to various educational facilities in his camp office at MinarePakistan here on Thursday.

Shahbaz said he had established the camp office to express solidarity with the people of Punjab over lack of addition of the decisions made in energy conference and federal government’s stepmotherly treatment with Punjab regarding loadshedding. He said his protest camp office at MinarePakistan would continue until the decision of uniform loadshedding unusual was not implemented. He said that by launching the youth policy, The Punjab government had nike running shoes for women sale provided a platform to the young generation to go to town which would enhance the role of younger generation in the national development.

The chief minister said that Pakistan contained Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan as well as, Punjab. But the truth is, The fact is, Injustice was being done to Punjab regarding electricity and gas loadshedding resulting in loss to industry and being out of work.

He noticed that 700 megawatt electricity, Which was the trustworthy right of Punjab, Was being sent outside illegally and he could not remain silent on the circumstance.

The CM said Pakistan had potential of producing usable energy as it had coal reserves which were one of the biggest in the world. He said that had proper planning been made over the last four years to acquire energy through coal, hydle, Biogas and other tactics, The nation would not have not have been facing present-day’s dire situation.

He said if the circular debt of Rs400 billion was worked, The matter of energy crisis would be resolved within 24 hours, Adding that nonpayment of the circular debt was due to corruption and inadequacy of rulers. He said the needed electricity to run industry and the amount like Rs70 billion of Benazir Income Support Programme should be spent on the electricity projects. He explained Pakistan, An additional, Had always women nike lunarglide faced file crime, Although, Over the last four years all records of corruption had been broken. He said the country needed a strong liability system to get rid of corruption. He said Pervez Musharraf was equally trusted, In addition to the present rulers, For the energy crisis and other issues being faced by the country.

Answering problems of the youth, Shahbaz Sharif said the Punjab government was speedily enacting energy projects, Nevertheless a year back, The Punjab government had taken the decision of rejecting all foreign aid which undermined the honour of the united states. He remarked that despite rejecting foreign aid, Welfare programmes in Punjab were continuing with success. He said corruptionfree culture had been promoted in the province and it had been ensured that development funds were found in a transparent manner.

He said merit had been promoted in the province and most 70,000 teachers had been new purely on merit. On the flip side, The CM pointed out that the previous rulers had promoted nepotism by inducting their political workers and cronies into the gov departments.

Giving an answer to another question, The CM said Ashiana Housing Scheme had been initiated to consider shelter to workers, Widows, And other poor segments of the society while quality education was being presented to the poor in Danish schools.

The ending up in the youth delegation continued for three hours, And chief minister answered the questions asked by the youth delegation on the current political situation, File crime, Energy issues and other matters intimately nike running shoes for women sale women nike lunarglide.